Air Authority Discusses the Importance of Leaf Removal for Your Air Conditioning’s Condenser Unit
October 20, 2020
Leaves near an air conditioner condenser unit

Air Authority Discusses the Importance of Leaf Removal for Your Air Conditioning’s Condenser Unit

The outdoor part of your HVAC unit is called the condenser. When your AC runs, a fan blade spins in the condenser to shunt hot air away from the unit to make sure the refrigerant works correctly. Keeping the condenser free from debris allows it to work more efficiently. Today’s blog from Air Authority discusses the importance of leaf removal for your air conditioner’s condenser unit.

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Improve HVAC Efficiency

A condenser works by taking air in from the sides and blowing it out the top. As the air blows out the top, it takes heat away from the condenser unit. Small, elongated slits in the metal allow air to come in from the sides. A grill on top keeps large debris out of the fan. When leaves collect on the sides or inside the fan unit, it reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Your unit may run longer than necessary, which increases your utility bills. 

Techs from Air Authority can repair and maintain your condenser unit by removing the top and then getting the leaves out. We’ll also clean out any leaves from the slits in the grill.

Prevent Mold and Bacteria

Leaves that pile up can cause mold or bacterial growth around the condenser unit due to the moisture. These microorganisms won’t get into your HVAC’s ductwork. However, they can also clog the grills along the side. Mold and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment, and that acid may slowly eat away some of the condenser unit’s metal parts over time. Air Authority techs will make sure we remove any mold, bacteria, or fungal growth we see on the condenser.

Reduce the Risk of Rust Damage

Let’s say you have a pile of leaves next to the condenser or on top of it. Then it rains, dampening the mass of leaves. The moisture may cause rust and oxidation, even though the condenser unit has paint on it to protect from corrosion. Older units may be more susceptible to rust. Air Authority will look for rust and any weak points that may affect the operation of the condenser.

How to Prevent Leaves From Piling Up

Air Authority provides some tips for preventing leaves from piling up against your condenser.

Rake or blow leaves often, maybe once a week. Rake or blow in a direction that’s away from the condenser.

Remove large debris. Remove sticks and leaves from inside and around the condenser. Turn off the power to the unit. Take a leaf blower and point it all around the outside of the unit before pointing inside.

Go over the unit by hand. Inspect the condenser’s grill. If you see any debris stuck in the sides, use your hands or a narrow tool (like a spatula) to remove it.

Avoid planting trees and shrubs nearby. You don’t want to add to the problem.

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Contact Air Authority for AC Repair and Maintenance

Talk to Air Authority about furnace maintenance and repair in the fall time. We’ll send a tech out, look at all parts of your unit, and make sure it’s up and running properly before winter hits. We might also take a look at the AC condenser to see if there’s an issue. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more details.

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