Air Authority Explains What Can Build Up in Your Duct Work
June 23, 2020
AIr Authority

Air Authority Explains What Can Build Up in Your Duct Work

Do you know what’s inside your air ducts? A lot can collect in your home’s HVAC system due to nearly continuous use during all seasons. Even the best air filters can’t keep everything out of your duct work. Unfortunately, stuff in your ducts can seep into your home every time your furnace or air conditioning comes on. In today’s blog from Air Authority, we explain what can collect in your air ducts over time in terms of indoor air quality.

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1. Dust

Dust is probably the most obvious thing that builds up in your air ducts over time, and it affects your indoor air quality greatly. Dust consists of many small particles, including dead skin cells, dander, minerals, pollen, and tiny fibers. Excessive dust causes your HVAC equipment to run less efficiently, creates a layer of dust on your furniture, and it may cause problems with your lungs over the long term. Air Authority can recommend an air filter or electronic air cleaner to help reduce or eliminate dust in your ductwork and your home.

2. Mold & Microorganisms

Mold, viruses, fungi, and bacteria can accumulate in your air ducts over the years. Darkness and high humidity levels in your home’s ductwork allow water vapor to cling to dust, allergens, and dander. When things stick to the water, they start to clump. These humid, clumpy masses offer the perfect growing habitat for mold and other microorganisms. Mold is dangerous to humans, particularly when it’s inhaled into your lungs. Air Authority can help with a whole-home air purifier from REME Halo to eliminate many common microorganisms in your air ducts.

3. Bugs & Pests

Bugs, spiders, and other small pests (think mice can wriggle their way into your ducts through tiny openings or cracks in the joints between pieces of ductwork. This is especially in older buildings or buildings with crawl spaces. Pests can also get in through vents in the habitable portions of your home. Air Authority can recommend ways to seal your ductwork to help keep out pests for improved indoor air quality.

4. Allergens

No matter how good your air filter is, allergens are bound to get into your air ducts at some point. Indoor dogs or cats add to the build-up thanks to pet dander that collects in your air ducts and around your vents. Outdoor allergens like pollen get inside through open doors and windows as well as on your clothing and shoes. HEPA filters certainly help, but reducing or eliminating these allergens with a high-grade electronic air cleaner is a great way to improve indoor air quality if you have pets or people sensitive to pollen.  

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