Benefits of Effective Air Filtration in Your Home
January 8, 2020
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Benefits of Effective Air Filtration in Your Home

Did you know the air inside your home can affect your health? That’s why you need a clean air filter for your furnace and air conditioner. When a filter works properly, it stops a lot of dust and dirt from getting into your air ducts. This, in turn, keeps a lot of irritants out of your lungs. However, air filtration does so much more than prevent dust build-up. Today’s blog from Air Authority discusses the benefits of effective air filtration in your home.

1. Breathe Easier


Not all air filtration is the same. Basic fiberglass filters keep the dust out of your ductwork, but little else. High-quality HEPA filters, made of pleated, paperlike material, reduce pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and other airborne allergens that may enter your home. When the filter traps these items, the air entering your ductwork is cleaner. You breathe easier versus having a flimsy filter or no filter at all. Improved indoor air quality from cleaner air leads to all kinds of health benefits.


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2. Improved Energy Efficiency


Your furnace’s air filtration helps the appliance run more efficiently. Clogged and dirty air filters make your HVAC system work harder to run the same amount of air through your home. That’s why you must change the air filter every one to three months, depending on the type of filter and the amount of dust it collects. Buying a high-quality air filter may pay for itself with less energy usage and lower utility bills.

3. Less Money Spent on HVAC Repairs


Having your heat and air conditioning run less due to effective air filtration has another cost-saving benefit. You lower the frequency of repairs on your HVAC system because cleaner air entering the unit makes your equipment last longer. Dust and small particles don’t clog the burners, fan, or motor. Clean air filters can help your system maintain the correct temperature in your home, prevent wear, and keep bad odors at bay. You have fewer maintenance calls to replace broken parts, and your equipment lasts longer over time, even well beyond its warranty.


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Air Filtration From Air Authority

Air Authority has residential and commercial service agreements that take care of your HVAC maintenance throughout the year. One checklist item involves changing the air filtration on your HVAC unit. Our preventive maintenance checks keep your furnace and air conditioner in top working order and within the guidelines of the manufacturer’s warranty. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more information about our products and services.

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