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Boiler Products


If your home is heated by a boiler, you need to count on it to heat water efficiently and to push that water or the resulting steam through your house to provide warmth. If your boiler stops working, or stops working as well as you need it to do, it is time to make a service call. Air Authority has the expertise you need to replace, repair, or maintain your boiler. Our expert technicians will inspect your system and work with you to determine and implement the best plan of action.

Let’s Talk About The Install

A boiler typically lasts up to 15 years. If you have owned your boiler for that long or longer, it may be time to replace it. Even if you have not yet begun experiencing problems, your unit is likely starting to work less efficiently, and it is only a matter of time before something happens. Our technicians average between 12 and 15 years in the industry, and work with high- quality Weil Mclain boilers. We understand what can go wrong, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen. We will get you the right boiler and install it carefully and properly to have it efficiently distributing heat through your home.

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Let’s Talk About The Repair

If your unit is less than fifteen years old and you start to experience problems, repairing it may be the better option. We will take a look at the whole system: boiler, pipes, and radiators. Wherever a breakdown occurs, it can result in less efficient or less productive heating in your home. Whatever brand or model of boiler you have, our technicians have seen it and can repair it. There may be a problem with heating the water, with distributing heat through your home, or warming individual spaces through the radiators. We will pinpoint the source of your problem and take care of it.

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Let’s Talk About The Maintenance

If your system is working well, you still need to maintain it. After all, it is both more comfortable and less expensive for you to take care of your boiler before anything goes wrong. Annual maintenance can do wonders for keeping it working well and avoiding the cost and hassle of repairing major problems down the road. An Air Authority technician will inspect your system thoroughly. We test the valves and timers, inspect your pressure tank, clean your heat exchanger, and check the water level and quality in the boiler. Sediment and dirt can collect over time, and while you may not notice any effects at first, over time it can create performance issues. Our experts provide maintenance to take care of your boiler before those problems have a chance to arise. Don’t wait for your boiler to fail you at the worst time. Call Air Authority today for all of your boiler servicing needs.

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