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Commercial and Residential Services Agreements

Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning systems gives you a number of benefits.  First, you can avoid mechanical breakdowns that occur at the worst times like the depths of winter or a heat wave in the summer. HVAC companies are usually extremely busy during these times, primarily due to poor heat and air conditioning maintenance.  Secondly, preventative maintenance also reduces your utility bills because your systems continually perform at their most efficient state.  Lastly, regular maintenance prolongs the life span of your heating and air conditioning—thus you will be protecting your investment.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

All manufacturers of heating and air condition systems understand that maintenance will be required to keep their products running well.  In fact, major HVAC systems have clauses that void their warranties if regular maintenance schedules are not followed.  Items such as air filter changes, refrigerant checks, fan cleanings, and motor lubricants must be handled according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedules to ensure their warranty.  Furthermore, some warranties require a licensed technician to complete the maintenance.

Air Authority Heating & Air Conditioning provides professional and friendly maintenance service packages to homes and businesses in Cincinnati and surrounding communities.  We perform maintenance that is in accord with your system’s manufacturer warranty requirements.  You can set up this reoccurring scheduled maintenance via our residential or commercial service agreements.

Residential Service Agreements

Keeping your home in working order requires maintenance.  This includes your heating and air conditioning.  Our technicians will check and maintain all of the vital parts of your systems on a seasonal basis.  Your heating and air conditioning systems will receive comprehensive maintenance that identifies problems and resolves them.  Air Authority provides residential maintenance on all system brands.  Basic service on a residential HVAC system will usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

Commercial Service Agreements

The physical location of your business impacts the brand of your service/product, the culture of your organization, and the reputation that your customer base has of your operations.  Therefore, having your HVAC down can have a negative effect on the perception of your business and its profitability.  Commercial HVAC systems often service extensive areas and can be exposed to a lot of wear over time.  Our technician team is trained to meticulously examine these systems to maximize their efficiency and life span.  All of our work is guaranteed and we hold all of our technicians responsible for their work.  Consequently, we make a full record of our work in the form of pictures and layout.   Hence, a commercial service agreement with us can be rightly called a risk management solution.

Air Authority Heating and Air Conditioning wants you to receive the very best service at an affordable price.  We encourage our customers to ask us questions and we offer free second opinions.  Our business is founded on our reputation of honesty and integrity.  As a rated member of the BBB, we believe in working hard to retain a good name in our community.  For the past 6 years, Air Authority has won Angie’s List Super Service Award.