How to Decide Between New Furnace Installation Versus Repair
November 15, 2019
Furnace Installation or Repair Air Authority

How to Decide Between New Furnace Installation Versus Repair

You don’t want your furnace to break down in the middle of winter. That’s why you need your HVAC system to work in top shape before colder months hit the Cincinnati area. A seasonal inspection from Air Authority can spot issues before they become a real problem. Our staff can help you decide between new furnace installation or repair when we inspect your system and detect some issues. Air Authority explains in today’s blog. 

Age of the HVAC System 

The age of your HVAC system is a huge factor when it comes to furnace repair or a complete replacement. Trane, the HVAC manufacturer we partner with, guarantees its equipment for up to 20 years if they’re maintained properly. If your current furnace is 15 years old or more (nearing the end of its manufacturer’s warranty), our technician might recommend new furnace installation rather than a repair. This recommendation may depend on the scope of the problem. It might be more cost-efficient to install an entirely new system if our HVAC tech discovers a major problem. 

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Cost Savings Over Time 

Cost savings over time is another factor when deciding between new furnace installation or furnace repair. Do you plan to own your building for the next 20 years? If so, a new furnace is a great way to save money on utility bills. You could recoup your investment over five years in utility savings alone.

Let’s say your utility bill averages $200 per month. After a new furnace installation of $2,000, your monthly utility bills drop to $165 a month and stays that way for the next five years. At $35 per month for 60 months, that’s a cost savings of $2,100 over that span. Your actual results may vary from this hypothetical situation. However, this demonstrates how a new furnace installation can save you money in the long run! 

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Comfort of Your Family or Workers

Your decision for furnace installation or repair may come down to the comfort of your family members or workers. Does your old furnace run continuously to maintain the comfort level of the people in your building? If it does, your unit is operating inefficiently. Rather than waste extra money to heat your building, keep everyone comfortable with a high-efficiency furnace from Trane.

Air Authority for Furnace Installation or Repair

Count on Air Authority for furnace installation or repair. We have experienced technicians who can diagnose just about any problem with your HVAC system. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more details.   

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