Indoor Air Quality – IAQ

When it comes to the air in your home, you probably think most immediately to heating and air conditioning. While these obvious sources of comfort in everyday life matter, you should not neglect indoor air quality. Germs, microbes, and bacteria in the air can have a tremendous impact on your health and that of your family. Further, the level of humidity in the air can exacerbate these issues, as well as impacting your respiratory and skin health.

Air Authority is your best resource for improving your indoor air quality. From measuring the level of pollutants and irritants in the air to recommending and completing steps to remedy any problems, our experienced technicians are ready to help.

Filtration and Ventilation

Problems often arise with the gathering of dust and microbes in your ventilation system. The vents then blow these into the air every time the furnace or air conditioning unit blows, sending thousands of harmful particles into the air you breathe. You may stay warm or cool, but your immune system is under constant assault.

Further, improving your filtration goes a long way toward solving this issue. We will install the best filters in your furnace and ventilation system, which trap over 99% of all allergens and pollutants before they can reach your air. We also recommend a schedule for replacing your filters to ensure they continue the work of keeping your air clean.

Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Air cleaners and purifiers remove pollutants and particles from the air.

Electronic air cleaners work by pulling air through them and giving particles in the air a positive electric charge. This creates static electricity that helps trap even the tiniest of particles in the cleaner before recirculating clean air into the house.

Our whole-home air purifiers are one of the best in the business. REME HALO and HALO-LED whole home air purifiers are award-winning models that represent the next generation of indoor air quality technology.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Finally, air quality also includes the level of moisture in the air. If your in-home humidity is too low, you may find your skin and lips dried and cracked, and your breathing stuffy. Conversely, if your humidity is too high, bacteria accumulate and cause more health problems over time.
Whether you need a humidifier to increase air moisture or a dehumidifier to decrease it, our expert technicians efficiently and professionally install Trane units to take care of the air in your home for years to come.

Taking care of the quality of the air in your home is one of the most important steps you can take to improve and maintain the health of your family. You can count on Air Authority to give you the indoor air quality service you need.

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