Mini-Split Air Conditioning

More than any other form of cooling, mini-split air conditioning units offer you the greatest flexibility in keeping your house comfortable. Many air conditioning systems require that you keep your house at one temperature throughout the entire building, lacking any flexibility from room-to-room. Mini-split air conditioning units avoid this problem by placing several units in different rooms. Each of these can be set to the specific temperature that room needs, or not used at all, cutting back on your cooling costs all summer. This air conditioning system offers the flexibility you might be used to with an array of window units, but has a major advantage over them: a mini-split unit hooks up to an outside air conditioning system, only needing a small pipe through the wall to cycle coolant. What this means for you is clear views and cool rooms. Read below to see how Air Authority can help you with the air conditioning system of your dreams.

Let’s Talk About the Install

Installation of a mini-split air conditioner often requires just a small hole in the wall to to run electric and line set from the outside to inside. The work is intricate, but need not involve the level of construction needed for a larger, central air unit. It requires experienced technicians to do it correctly and cool each room in which you install a unit. Fortunately, Air Authority is here for you. Our experts average 12 to 15 years experience, and will install the best mini-split units for your home, with the level of expertise you need.

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Let’s Discuss the Repair

Repair work on mini-split air conditioning units also requires practiced hands. We will inspect your unit thoroughly, including the wiring, components, and electric and lineset, to find any and all problems that might be causing the unit to fail. We take the time to identify and walk you through the issues to make sure we get the unit back up and working at full capacity.

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Let’s Talk About The Maintenance

Of course, the best way to avoid the cost of replacement or repair is to keep your unit functioning properly throughout its life. Regular maintenance on mini-split air conditioning units means cleaning and checking the components, vents, connections, and electric and lineset. Our experts will come out and inspect your unit, make sure everything is working properly, and perform all the cleaning needed inside and out to keep each unit working at full efficiency for years to come. When each major room in your home depends on the mini-split air conditioning unit to keep it cool, you don’t want to take chances with less experienced technicians or with less reliable units. Air Authority is your top source for installation, repairs, and maintenance. Call today so we can help keep you cool.

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  •  Energy Savings – Far more power is consumed by a traditionalthan a ductless mini split model to heat up the same cubic feet of air inside a room.
  •  Quietness – Since a traditional air conditioner has the compressor installed inside the unit, it causes excessive noise in the room where it is installed. A mini split air conditioner does not have this issue, thus is much quieter.
  •  Less Risk – Boring a three inch hole in the wall is sufficient for a mini split air conditioner and prevents damage to your window caused by a traditional air conditioning unit.
  •  More Indoor Space – Mini split is versatile in design, which means it can be placed anywhere inside your home or business. Its compressor unit can be set up as far away as 100 feet from the main unit.

A mini split should be serviced just the same as a traditional air conditioner. Proper care and routine cleaning of the condensing unit will allow you to enjoy years of uninterrupted service. If it breaks down, do not attempt to disassemble it on your own. It can lead to electric shock that might damage the unit beyond repair. Get in touch with our team for the right solution.