Why Autumn Is Perfect for Commercial Heating Repair
November 1, 2019
Commercial Heating Repair Air Authority

Why Autumn Is Perfect for Commercial Heating Repair

Fall time is approaching the Greater Cincinnati area. Once the weather turns cooler and the leaves become vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange, it’s time to think of indoor heat instead of air conditioning. Autumn is the perfect time for commercial heating repair in Cincinnati. Air Authority explains why in today’s blog. 

Mild Temperatures and Great Weather

Cincinnati’s fall months lead to cooler temperatures, but they’re not quite low enough to turn on the heat full blast. Mild temperatures in the autumn mean your building can stand to have the heat or air conditioning off for an extended period of time. Just open windows to let the fresh air inside, even if you have workers in the building. Air Authority can schedule commercial heating repair for after-hours to minimize the effect it has on your employees and customers.

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Minor Repairs May Turn to Big Problems

You might have noticed your heating system doesn’t work as well as it used to. You need to repair something, but you didn’t run your heat in the summer so you didn’t notice the problem. Fall time is ideal for commercial heating repair because repairs to your system now can prevent a major malfunction when the temperatures drop below freezing. Fixing your system in October or November may prevent your furnace from quitting abruptly on the coldest day of the year. No one wants to freeze all winter in your building!

Better Energy Efficiency

Spotting a problem with your heating system in the fall can improve your energy efficiency in the winter. When your furnace works at peak efficiency, you save money on your utility costs. Schedule regular maintenance and commercial heating repair in autumn to identify and fix any potential problems. Small problems can become major hassles and cause your heating costs to skyrocket if you don’t take care of them.

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Less Busy Schedule for HVAC Companies in Cincinnati

HVAC companies like Air Authority are much busier in the winter months because that’s when furnaces tend to break down the most. These appliances work harder when it’s colder, and that extra work means HVAC systems break more readily. Some companies may not get to your commercial heating repair job for two weeks or more! Have a trained expert from Air Authority look over your heating system in the fall when it’s convenient for you, rather than when a potential breakdown causes a major inconvenience.

Commercial Heating Repair From Air Authority

Count on Air Authority to fix your commercial HVAC system, so long as it’s under 25 tons. Our commercial heating repair experts examine the heat exchangers, coils, burners, and wires to spot any vulnerabilities. Then we recommend any service, repairs, or replacements. Call (513) 229-0789 or contact Air Authority for more details on what we can do for your business.

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