Why Commercial Air Conditioning Service Is Risk Management
April 16, 2020
Commercial Air Conditioning Service Is Risk Management

Why Commercial Air Conditioning Service Is Risk Management

Risk management is an important part of running a successful business. You need to take calculated risks to gain more market share and loyal customers. However, you can’t take unnecessary risks that could lead to a downturn in your business. One part of risk management is making sure your physical building runs smoothly. That’s why a commercial air conditioning service is part of your risk management strategy. Air Authority explains.

What If Your Air Conditioning Goes Down?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your air conditioning breaks? Breakdowns usually occur in the heat of the summer when the system is working its hardest. A malfunctioning AC is more than an inconvenience. Your employees would get uncomfortably hot, and your customers would, too. People would have to go home. You’d have to warn customers that it’s too hot inside if you’re a retail business. Not only do you lose productivity, but you lose customers. Every hour your AC is down when your business is open, sales are off, and no work gets done.

Mitigate Breakdowns

Mitigate breakdowns in your air conditioning by inspecting and maintaining the system during off-peak seasons, such as spring or fall. HVAC contractors like Air Authority perform regular maintenance checks on all parts of your system, like compressors, condenser coils, motors, relays, and wires, to make sure everything functions within normal levels. If anything is amiss, we recommend a repair or replacement of the part.

Prevent the Need for a Total Replacement

Repairing and maintaining your current air conditioning not only keeps your employees and customers cool, but it also puts off a full replacement. Let’s say your air conditioning breaks down when it’s 95 degrees outside. Because the system is strained to its limits from the heat, one catastrophic failure in a motor, condenser, or compressor may be very expensive to fix. Depending on the amount of repairs we’ll have to do, we may recommend replacing your system entirely. 

It’s all a numbers game: Maybe a newer system saves you on energy costs in the future. However, you want to be ready to replace your air conditioning system on your terms, not when it’s too dang hot and you’re not ready for it. Air Authority’s commercial service agreement identifies potential problems before they turn into catastrophic failures. That way, you can plan for a replacement in six months, a year, or a few years if you see your utility bills continue to rise slowly.

Air Authority & Commercial Service Agreements

Air Authority specializes in commercial service agreements. We come out to check your air conditioning on a regular basis to make sure it runs properly. The point is to prevent the worst-case scenario of your AC breaking down completely. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more details on our commercial maintenance and repair services.

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