Why You Need Professional Furnace Repair in Cincinnati
March 6, 2020

Why You Need Professional Furnace Repair in Cincinnati

No one wants to feel frozen inside when it’s winter outside. That’s why your furnace must be in top working order before the frigid winter months in southern Ohio. In today’s blog from Air Authority, we discuss why you need professional furnace repair in Cincinnati.

Warranty Maintenance

Trane has a robust manufacturer’s warranty for up to 20 years, depending on the equipment you purchase. To maintain your warranty properly, Trane requires that repairs only be performed by a factory-trained technician. This means talking to a company that specializes in professional furnace repair in Cincinnati. Otherwise, you will invalidate the warranty. A lack of warranty means certain parts of Trane equipment will cost more to replace if they break down when still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

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Regular checks of your system by a company that is equipped for furnace repair in Cincinnati can help make your home safer. If an Air Authority technician diagnoses a problem with a burner or coil, we can point out this problem and take care of it. When we clean the furnace, our experts remove any dust and debris that may accumulate on the burners. Excess dust may cause overheating or, in worst-case scenarios, a fire. Regular furnace repair can prevent fires or electrical problems in your home.

Service Agreements

Commercial and residential service agreements from Air Authority are cost-effective ways to prevent major problems. Our techs diagnose potential problems with electrical wires, motors, capacitors, burners, and fans before they turn into a major break down. Regular service calls, twice a year, cost you less than an emergency call in the middle of the night when your furnace cuts out entirely in the frigid cold of winter. Furnace repair in Cincinnati, before a significant problem occurs, saves money in the long run on labor.

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Extending the Life of Your System

Furnace repair in Cincinnati is cheaper than purchasing an entirely new system. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC system to the end of its warranty period and beyond. Consider a $150 repair versus a $3,000 replacement for a new home unit. Your actual costs may vary. However, delaying a furnace replacement as long as possible lets you budget for that expense, so you don’t need to come up with financing when your bank account can’t handle the extra strain.

Furnace Repair in Cincinnati by Air Authority 

Air Authority specializes in furnace repair in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians have years of experience and receive factory training on Trane’s high-quality equipment. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more information.

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