Why You Want a Whole-House Humidifier, Especially for the Winter
March 20, 2020
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Why You Want a Whole-House Humidifier, Especially for the Winter

The winter air in Greater Cincinnati is more than just cold. The frigid, dry air affects your health, sleep, skin, breathing, and immune system. Dry air can even cause damage to your home over time. In today’s blog from Air Authority, we explain why you want a whole-house humidifier installed in your HVAC system, especially for winter months.

Decreased Sickness

Proper humidity levels in your home can decrease the likelihood of sickness, particularly aggravating respiratory problems such as colds and flu. Humid indoor air, usually between 30 and 60 percent humidity, can prevent bloody noses, sore throats, allergies, and itchy eyes. A whole-house humidifier can alleviate these issues.

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Less Home Damage

Overly dry air, especially over many years, may cause damage to your home. Low humidity levels can make wood brittle and weak over time. Dry air can also affect the paint on ceilings, walls, and furniture. Paper items are particularly susceptible to dry air. Paintings, wallpaper, artwork, books, and notebooks can become brittle and warped.

Lower Utility Costs

Dry air makes your indoor air feel colder than it really is. When you feel cold, you turn up the heat, increasing your utility bills. When you invest in a whole-house humidifier installed by Air Authority, you can save money on your utility bills over time. The longer the humidifier stays in top shape, the more money you could save. Eventually, the whole-house humidifier pays for itself. Then you start saving more money through lower heating bills in the winter. 

Saving Money Beyond Heating Bills

Consider a few other ways to save money with a whole-house humidifier that aren’t so obvious. When you take a bath or shower in a home with dry winter air, you’ll need to turn the dial hotter to reach the same temperature. Proper humidity in your home acts like a temperature sink and retains more heat indoors. This means you can use less hot water because the surrounding air is not as cold. Who knew you could save money on your water bills because you have a whole-home humidifier?

Those decreased sicknesses we talked about earlier? A whole-house humidifier may reduce the need for medications, doctor’s visits, and lost productivity at work because you and your family are healthier due to the indoor air quality of your home. Rather than spend money on trying to recover from a winter sickness, you can save for a summer vacation!

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Whole-House Humidifiers From Air Authority

Air Authority works exclusively with high-quality Trane equipment. Our expert technicians can install a whole-house humidifier that works directly with your furnace to deliver improved indoor air quality for you and your family. Contact Air Authority or call (513) 229-0789 for more details on our installation services.

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