Your Top Commercial Heating Repair Specialist Discusses the Differences Between Electric and Gas Furnaces
February 18, 2020
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Your Top Commercial Heating Repair Specialist Discusses the Differences Between Electric and Gas Furnaces

Your old furnace doesn’t work anymore, and your winter utility bills are skyrocketing. You decide to invest in a new furnace for your commercial building. It’s a great choice because a newer furnace is highly efficient and lasts for more than a decade with proper maintenance. But which type of furnace do you buy? Today’s blog from Air Authority, your commercial heating repair specialist in Cincinnati, discusses the difference between a gas and electric furnace.

Heat Source

The main difference between a gas and an electric furnace is the heat source. A gas furnace receives a signal from the thermostat that it’s too cold in the house. An igniter activates gas-powered burners, much like a gas stovetop. The burners heat the air in the combustion chamber. The heat transfers to air in surrounding chambers before blowing through ductwork to the rest of the house. Commercial heating repair technicians look at the burners if there’s a problem with air that’s not warm enough for your building.

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An electric furnace contains heating elements that get warm and glow when electricity runs through them, which is a lot like an electric stovetop. Blower fans take the heat generated by the coils and circulate warm air through the house. When the furnace needs more heat, the unit activates more heating elements. Commercial heating repair contractors may need to replace one or more heating elements as the unit ages.

Installation Costs

An electric furnace generally costs less to install versus a gas furnace. That’s because there is less labor involved in an install for an electric furnace. Gas furnaces need specialized equipment, and they contain more specialized parts compared to electric furnaces. Commercial heating repair techs can service both types of furnaces.

Savings Over Time

You need to take into account the fuel savings over time when deciding on whether to invest in a gas or electric furnace. Installation costs are an important factor. However, which systems saves you more on utility bills over time? Gas costs less than electricity when it comes to heating. This is important if you live in a cold climate like that of Ohio. Gas furnaces are also more efficient at generating and transferring heat. Electric furnaces generally last longer, many up to 30 years, versus around 20 years for gas models. In general, gas furnaces are more cost-effective over time. Commercial heating repair companies can recommend what type of furnace is right for you based on your situation.

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Heat Production

Gas furnaces produce heat more readily than electric ones. Your building feels the heat faster with a gas furnace. This is particularly helpful for Ohio’s chilly winters. Electric furnaces have fewer safety issues because you must be aware of gas leaks and carbon monoxide in your building with gas appliances. Commercial heating repair specialists can pinpoint the pros and cons of these types of furnaces so you can make the right choice for your facility.

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