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Are you worried that another company might be charging you too much for your service or installation? We will give a full inspection to save you money and give you peace of mind. Contact Air Authority today for a free second opinion on any estimate you receive for HVAC service in Greater Cincinnati.

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When something goes wrong with your heating and cooling system, it doesn’t wait for a convenient time. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service. Whether you need help in the mid-afternoon or 3 in the morning, we’re here for you. Contact Air Authority today for HVAC repair!

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Whether you require new equipment, HVAC repair or preventive maintenance, you need someone you can count on to do the job right. At Air Authority, we guarantee you will be satisfied with any and all work we do for you, giving you peace of mind no matter what you need. Contact us today for an HVAC service appointment.

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At Air Authority, we are particularly proud of our Super Service Awards from Angie’s list. We earned this designation by working hard and delivering consistently excellent service to our customers. Read more to see how we will work to earn your business, and contact us today for an HVAC service appointment.

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The serviceman suggested we watch it and if it’s just a slow leak it might not need refrigerant added for some time. If it starts not cooling then that might be a different story. We were happy with the outcome. We find them to be a reliable service company and will use them again.

Air Authority received my request on a Wednesday evening, called me immediately and came out the next day to give an estimate on a new air conditioner and furnace, as our air conditioner had stopped working. A quick quote was given the same day, and a written one emailed to us by 8:00 am the next day. They were the fastest of all the quotes that we received and the price was reasonable. Only wish that we had decided earlier, so we could have had air quicker in the 90 degree weather. Some reviews said they were offered a portable a/c to use until the install, we were not offered that. Install took 2 days, as we also purchased a new furnace and humidifier. We had significant ductwork that also needed to be done.

Very professional & thorough service. Also gave me free over the phone advice on a problem I was having with my thermostat the week before my scheduling of the service.

Another one of the companies I found on Angie’s List that has exceptional customer service: even though this was just routine maintenance, within two hours of my initial contact the technician showed up at the house! Amazing. He spent almost two hours here, disassembled the furnace, cleaned everything, ran it and inspected it, etc. He caught possible problems that the previous company I was using had never seen, because they never took the time to disassemble everything and spend a few hours looking. Incredible what can happen when a good company actually takes the time to look over everything. The tech was very patientcourteousprofessional, and knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure dealing with them. When you have an experience like this, it’s worth writing about–because so many other local HVAC companies I’ve tried have given me the exact opposite. There was even an actual human being who picked up the phone when I called–what an idea.

Great! The technician took the time to determine the exact cause of the problem. He was thorough and very professional. He explained the problem in terms that I could understand. Since the unit was originally installed by another company, the labor for installing the new parts was not going to be covered.