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Dry air in your home can be a real problem. While too much humidity creates its own health hazards, air that is too dry can lead to chapped lips, bloody noses, sore or scratchy throats, or respiratory problems. These may be most noticeable in the winter months. A humidifier can alleviate these health issues. Ideally, the level of humidity in your home should be in the 40 to 50% range. Installing a whole house humidifier allows you to regulate this, adding moisture to the air during dry and chilly Cincinnati winters. Air Authority installs and services your humidifier as part of our HVAC service in Cincinnati. Let us show you how to live most comfortably in your home!

Let’s Discuss the Install

Whole-home, console humidifiers come in different sizes, depending on how large of a space you want to humidify. The most efficient option, though, is an in-vent humidifier. This kind of humidifier distributes moisture through your ventilation system and reaches your entire home. An in-vent unit actually attaches to your vent and pushes moisture out into all of the areas. Air Authority can help you choose the right kind of humidifier for your dwelling. We begin by checking humidity levels in different areas of your home. Then we work with you to determine what your needs are, and what size and type of humidifier can help you get there. Our expert technicians install the humidifiers that are most effective for your home. As always, Air Authority guarantees your satisfaction with both the equipment and installation for every kind of HVAC repair. Cincinnati residents can count on us!

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Let’s Talk About HVAC Repair

A whole house humidifier contains electronic components that sometimes require a repair. The fan might malfunction, the motor could stop or get noisy, or the unit could become less efficient. In any of these events, it can be helpful to see whether you can repair your humidifier. Air Authority’s technicians will come to your home and inspect your humidifier, its connections, and the ventilation system. We make sure your humidifier is ready to push clean moisture effectively into the air in your home. We know the components of your system intimately and are ready to get your moisture levels back where they need to be.

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Let’s Explain Humidifier Maintenance

When you invest in a whole house humidifier, you want to keep it working for the long haul. Maintenance includes more than just checking water levels, though. Our experts will clean the lines and valves, inspect your motor and pump, and clean the panels to ensure your humidifier is functioning at full capacity. We keep your air moist, and your skin and breathing comfortable over time. When it comes to your family’s health, maintaining the right amount of moisture in the air matters. Air Authority will work with you to make sure you have the right humidifier. We ensure it’s in great shape to do its job for you. Call Air Authority for an HVAC service or repair appointment.

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A furnace-mounted humidifier introduces moisture from water and evaporates it into a warm air stream coming from the furnace.More Indoor Space – Mini split is versatile in design, which means it can be placed anywhere inside your home or business. Its compressor unit can be set up as far away as 100 feet from the main unit.

Although they work under the same principles, there are two types of humidifiers:

1. Flow-Through – the water flows through the humidifier and drains out.

2. Reservoir – it uses a reservoir of water and a rotating drum to introduce the moisture necessary for humidified air.